31 JANUARY 1941, Page 14


Sitti—I was very much astonished by the contents of the article in your. issue of January 17th, under the heading of "The case of the U.D.F.," by Donald Taylor, who entirely misrepresents the case of the " B " Special Constabulary. Having been an officer in the "B" Specials for many years, I can speak from experience and sin con- vinced that had it not been for the formation of this law-abidiog force, Ulster would have been overrun by the I.R.A., England's greatest enemies. During 1921 and 1922 you will probably remem- ber that murders and serious destruction of property occurred almost nightly. I have witnessed cases where harmless and law-abiding citizens were foully murdered in their homes and shot down as they came along the highways. Lord O'Neill's ancient mansion, and many others were burned down, and in the face of this provocation the " B " Specials always behaved with the greatest moderation and onlY took action when it was necessary.- to prevent the foulest murders- Although I have recently retired from the "B" Specials, I know they are still carrying on work of the greatest importance, and without this force the loyalists of Ulster would be in a sorry plight, and, in fact, had there been no "B" Force in 1921-22 there would be DO Ulster now, and no ports available for the British Navy.—Youn