31 JANUARY 1941, Page 15


Sitt,—I have read the letters in your November 22nd issue relative to the desirability of bombing Rome. Leaving out all sentiment, holy or otherwise, let us get down to brass tacks or, if you will, reduce it to a cold mathematical problem. The Vatican receives perhaps 65 per cent, of its income (in cold cash) from the American Continent, from which one can deduce that it has many adherents over here—a great many of whom happen to be in Canada, to say nothing of the number strewn variously throughout the British Empire.

You will notice that I am not taking an altruistic view of the matter, why should I? (after the Pope blessed the arms for the invasion of Ethiopia). All I say is don't bomb Rome as the repercussions through- out the world might do more harm 10 us 'Ilan to Hitler, and that being so, why raise the point at all? Better have the devil you know