31 JANUARY 1941, Page 2

General Wave11 in Greece

General Sir Archibald Wave11, Commander-in-Chief in the Middle East, has been visiting Athens to confer with the Greek commanders. In certain respects the war in the Eastern Mediterranean is one. The British and Greek forces are engaged against the same enemy—the Iralians—and to a large extent they are dependent on the same sources of supply, since it has become a British responsibility to ensure that the Greek forces shall not lack equipment. The Germans, for their own ends, have been spreading a rumour that the British are pre- paring a landing on the Aegean—that is, in the Salonika neigh- bourhood; but the fact is that the British have consistently said that it was for the Greeks to say what kind of help they needed ; and they have asked for help in the air, and equip- ment, such as guns, lorries and clothing. General Wavell is in the .happy position of having vast stores of captured Italian equipment at his disposal, and the main problem will be to find enough transport. No doubt the commanders have discussed all aspects of the campaign. The Greek army in Albania is showing itself splendidly equal to the task of handling the Italians under winter conditions among the mountains. The Italian General Cavallero has been seeking by violent and repeated counter-attacks, with fresh troops, to stabilise if not to reverse the position while his troops are reorganised in the rear. But his attacking forces have been hurled back, and have suffered loss of so severe a character that it seems his situation is worse than before. The Greeks have held or even improved all their advanced positions, and will not be slow to take advantage of the increased disorganisation of the enemy. It is a satisfaction to us to know that supplies we have been able to send are reaching the army at the front despite the difficul- ties of communications.