31 JANUARY 1941, Page 23

Forever Freedom. An Anthology Compiled by Josiah C. Wedgwood and

Allan Nevins. (Pelican Books. 6d.)

HE compilers' object has been to present a representative election, in prose and verse, of the idea of freedom as expressed Britain and the United States. A great part of the book—and he most interesting—is drawn from speeches and political docu- ems. It is a pity the compilers did not confine themselves O Politics: the literary selections are an odd mixture of the rite, the worthless and the familiar, and Col. Wedgwood's reface and some of his selections present an oddly limited idea I freedom: religious tolerance is not included. This makes his nthology quite unsuitable for use as propaganda in North or 011th America, and it is difficult to know what other purpose t serves.