31 JANUARY 1941, Page 3

Mr. Lees-Smith for the Labour Party, Mr. Erskine Hill for

the r922 Committee of the Conservative party, and Sir Percy Harris for the Liberals defended the Government on the general plea that the Daily Worker was exploiting the war and, in Mr. Lees-Smith's excellent phrase, "undermining national effort on the plane of psychology." Mr. Pritt may have had a case, but he ruined it by insulting everyone in turn. Mr. Herbert Morrison had no difficulty in demolishing Mr. Pritt and Mr. Gallacher, and he was on sure ground in declaring that this was not a point of law (otherwise recourse to the Courts under Regulation 2C would have been admissible) but a matter of public policy. The overwhelming opinion of the House and the country supports that view and there the matter must rest. Subscription 305. a year to any part of the world. Postage on this