31 JANUARY 1941, Page 3

Parliamentary Notes

Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes: The House of Commons has now started on the considerable task of passing the War Damage Lill through Committee. It is a welcome and surprising feature of Parliamentary personnel that there are always experts hidden away on every conceivable subject, from bird-fancying to the social conditions and customs of the remotest colony. I noticed that in the discussions on this Bill there were present many property-owners, estate-agents, valuers, builders and, of course, lawyers. The appointment of the members of the new War Damage Commission rests and must rest in the hands of the Chancellor of the Exchequer ; he must be responsible to Parliament for selecting men with high qualifications and who will inspire public confidence. Owing to difference in the system of land tenure and property in Scotland, two Scottish members will be appointed on the Commission. It is interesting to notice that regional offices will be situated in the same towns as the Civil Defence Corn- .missioners, owing to the numbers of other Government depart- ments in those centres. There will be a Deputy Commissioner at each regional office to settle small and easy claims.