31 JANUARY 1970, Page 25

Powell bucks the 'system'

Sir: The speech of 17 January by Enoch Powell was the signal, once again, for the 'liberal' section of the political spectrum and the trendy left, to clear their throats, fill their lungs, and once again make a world- shattering contribution to British democracy by shouting 'Fascist!'

Our nation is today being swept by a sick- ness, which serves only to increase the dif- ficulties of those who seek genuine concilia- tion between the indigenous population and the immigrant population in those areas where conflict now exists. This sickness is `racial masochism.' Many individuals and organised groups appear to have adopted a motto of 'If it's white, kick it.'

These people are the greatest threat to racial harmony in Britain today. They suc- ceed in sowing and nurturing seeds of dis- content in the minds of bewildered immi- grants and raising a backlash among the indigenous population. If the people of Britain are told many more times that they are acting against the best interests of the democratic country they love and are even accused of actively damaging its democracy they will react in the only way they can—by turning to extremists—and the extreme right is a dangerous force whose potential in this country should not be underestimated.

In the face of the tidal wave of sentimental rubbish, untrue propaganda and vicious vili- fication which emanates from the ranks of the trendy left and so-called 'liberals', the number of politicians who have had the courage truthfully to face the issue in practi- cal terms has been frighteningly small. How- ever, these people have put before the nation the statistics which show that a prob- lem exists and the solutions they regard as most likely to succeed. Before Powell, who dared to discuss it openly, honestly and fearlessly?

In the face of this problem every possible solution put forward deserves reasonable consideration from all who are responsible citizens.

Mr Powell's speeches on this subject have been formidable and valuable, and should be treated as such, even among those who consider them to contain, in Mayor Daley's phrase, 'unreasonable reasoning.' The time has come for clear thought and then action, not inane rantings and ravings.

N. McCausland Worcester College, Oxford Sir: Mr Powell's latest outburst against col- oured immigrants, 'the hellfire sermon' as you call it (24 January), is most disgusting, to say the least, and I find myself very much in agreement with your excellent editorial `Mr Powell bucks the "system" '. You are right to remind him that he is underrating 'the political stability—part genuine tolerance, part commonsense hypocrisy—that is our national character.'

By condemning measures of financial aid to promote and facilitate the absorption or integration of the coloured population, unless such measures are 'an integral part of a policy of voluntary and assisted repatria- tion' of the immigrants and their children, he has abandoned logic, decency and humanity. Looking back at his eat''...r 'racial' speeches, it would now appear that he is systematically creating a confused situation of strife, fear and hate which is bound to explode one day. He is simply paving the way for a new system by undermining and eventually destroying the present system. He cannot lose.

The people of this country and most of the politicians are tolerant and decent people. But so were the majority of Germans at the time when Hitler appeared on the scene. Lit-

tle by little, however, Hitler undermined German people's confidence in their old established norms, customs and constitution and, eventually, he succeeded in destroying the whole nation. Is it difficult to draw the right conclusions and act appropriately?

Those of us already here simply want to be left in peace. We do not want distinctive pro- tection or preferential treatment. Just equal treatment which we are not getting at the moment (although I appreciate Govern- ment's efforts in this regard), and we are less likely to get it if the Powells continue with their hellfire sermons, devastating out- bursts and poisonous propaganda.

I would say to Mr Powell: we are here to stay : don't underestimate our will and resolve.

A bdul Hamid Ghazi Convenor, Pakistan People's Party (UK), 38 Kidderminster Road, Croydon, Surrey