31 JANUARY 2004, Page 29

Poles apart

From Andrzej Wilski Sir: It is heartwarming to read the magnificent Taki's praises of my countrymen's historical struggles and my beloved Zakopane (High life, 24 January) but his article contains an error. It is not true that 'the Poles have fallen for American bullshit and have sent 12,000 troops to Iraq'. It is the postcommunist government, consisting of people generally regarded as 'repainted commies', who have tried to suck up to the ruling cabal in the USA in the expectation of political and pecuniary benefits. In spite of misleading propaganda, most Poles, like many Americans, see the attack on Iraq as a totally immoral act arising from ulterior motives, justified by impudent lies and implying a barbaric pagan acceptance of human sacrifice, an act which only encourages aggression in general and terrorism in particular.

I have reason to believe that most Poles support John Paul II's calls for peace and for a truly Christian attitude to world problems — an attitude which involves patient negotiations and honest economic measures, and a renunciation of arrogance and aggression.

Andrzej 14,71ski

Warsaw, Poland