31 JULY 1830, Page 11


WAR-OFFICE, July 22.—The King has been pleased to appoint the following Colonels of Militia to be his Majesty's Aides-de-Camp for the service of his Militia Force : Col. Sir W. W. Wynn, Burt. Royal Denbigh Militia ; Col. G. Earl of Aboyne, R. T. Aberdeenshire Militia ; Col. J. Lord Dufferin and Claneboye, Royal North Down Militia; Col. T. Wood, Royal East Middlesex Militia.

His Majesty has at the same time been pleased to direct that the said Colonels shall take rank as the four senior Colonels of the Militia, immediately after the Junior Colonel of his Majesty's Regular Forces. July 27.—Staff: Major-Gen. J. Macdonald to be Adj.-Gen. to the Forces—Brevet Col. G. Fitzclarence, on the half-pay, to be Deputy-Adj.-Gen. vice Maj.-Gen. Mac. donald.

Memorandum—The half-pay of the undermentioned Officers has been cancelled from the 27th inst. inclusive, upon their receiving a commutation allowance for their Commissions :—Assist.-Surg. F. B. White, half-pay 73d Foot; Lieut. J. Macleod, half-pay, 27th Foot ; Lieut. F. H. H. Pattison, half-pay 6th Foot ; Second-Lieut. J. Palmer, half-pay 2d Ceylon Regiment; Ens. T. L. Williamson, LsJf.pay 97th Foot; Assist.-Surg../.. J. Rigsby, half-pay Hospital Staff; Quartermaster G. Tyr. rell, half-pay Royal York Rangers ; Assist.-Sorg. W. Gibney, half-pay 12th Light Dragoons ; Lieut. E. H. Adams, half-pay 64th Foot ; Lieut. G. G. Pigott, half-pay 12th Light Dragoons; Lieut. E. M. Fitzgerald. half-pay 31st Foot ; Assist.-Sung. J. iii. Bunny,half-pay 43rd Foot ; Capt. W. Williams, half-pay 26th Foot (temporary rank) ; Hosp.-Assist. A. Angers, half-pay ; Hosp.-Assist M. Gallagher, half-pay; Lieut. H. S. Nixon, half-pay 10th Foot ; Lieut. J. Edmonds, half-pay 21st Foot.

MASTER OF THE HORSE'S-OFFICE, July 23.—The King has been graciously pleased to appoint the Hon. A. E. P. Graves, Page of Honour to his Majesty, in the room of J. H. Hudson, Esq. appointed to a Commission in the Guards.