31 JULY 1830, Page 11


STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING.—If the transactions of last week were of little interest, those of the present have been of a very different character. The price of Consols had advanced rather suddenly on last Saturday afternoon to 93k, and on Monday morning the improvement was not only maintained, but prices bad by mid-day reached 931, with a very firm and promising Market. At this point the effect of some large sales by an eminent member of our Exchange, who had been also selling previously, began to be felt, and the price retrograded to 93 to 1. On the following morning (Tuesday), the Market was rather heavy at 93 ; and before the close of that day, declined to 9211. No secret bad been made of the motive of the sales we have alluded to, at least to this extent, that they were induced by the state of affairs in Paris; but generally speaking, very little suspicion or alarm was felt on the subject, for although many of the speculators have looked to that quarter with distrust, they had hitherto only been deterred from buying : very few indeed had made sales in consequence. The news from Paris of Monday therefore had all the effect of a sudden and unexpected shock, and the alarm was, no doubt, considerable ; but the effect upon the Consol Market was not by any means so great as we have known on much inferior occasions when the price was high. The fall from the highest point has not exceeded 2* per cent., although aggravated by the effect of three successive posts of evil intelligence from Paris. In fact, the opinion is so generally and strongly felt, that our own Government will have nothing to do with the disputes between Charles X. and his subjects, that it is only the fear that we may, by possibility, be hooked into them, that has, is our opinion, occasioned even this effect.

On Wednesday morning, on receipt of the Paris papers of Monday, Consols fell to 911, rose to 92k, fell again to 913, and closed at 913. On Thursday, the first price was 91k-, afterwards it was 9:13, and, after touching 91+, closed at 911. To.day, the first price Was 901, then 903, then 90*, and, after some, further fluctuation, closed at 91 to k. All the heavy Stocks have suffered in almost an equal degree. The New 31 per Cents, were last done at 991 ; and if the dissentients had waited till now, they would have beenall right but we suspect, theyhave mostly bought of the New Stock long before now. Money is as abundant as ever, and Stock for im- mediate transfer, of which very many purchases were made to-day, was scarce r yet hoer Exchequer Bills and India Bonds have fallen materially, the kat from 84 to 75, and the second from 93 to 80.

In the 'Foreign Market there has not been much business. All the Continental Bonds are considerably lower in anticipation of the probable fall abroad. Russian, which on Monday touched 112, was done this afternoon at 1U71. Danish, which on 31Ionday was 75, fell this afternoon to 701.

In French Stock we have heard of some bargains at about 71.

The South American Bonds have scarcely felt any of the pressure ; Colombian being still at 22f, and Mexican 36*. Brazil Stock, however, is worse, being now 71* or 72, after lately reaching 741. Greek Bonds were last done at 33—a price which, to our mind, is surprising. Spanish about 17 to la.

In the Share Market there is nothing material to be mentioned. Those of the United Mexican are lower, but the others are near our last week's prices.

SATURDAY, HALF-PAST TWELVE.—Consols opened at 91, and have since fluc- tuated between that price and 901. The latter is the present price.

There is no great deal of business doing; and we have no news nor reports beyond those contained in the Morning Papers. It is said, however, that there are expresses in from Paris. If so, their contents have not been suffered to transpire.

In the Foreign Market Spanish is higher.