31 JULY 1830, Page 5

WORMWOOD Scnuns.—The Herald mentioned, as one of the proba. bilities

of Monday, that the review of that day would adjourn to this place of most infelicitous name, instead of Hyde Park. Had our coni. temporary, as was his duty, taken pains to investigate that rumour, he would have discovered its falsehood. The memorandum of Sir Herbert Taylor, which we gave in our latest edition, settled the whereabout of the review beyond all dispute. The Herald's blundering, however, led to a more notable one—namely, that the King would hold a second re- view at these Scrubs--the King among Scrubs !—and on Tuesday all the large eyes and mouths within ten miles of them were directed thither. ward in consequence. It was found to be a hoax, of course. While the people were gaping about the Scrubs, his Majesty was engaged at Wool. wick with the Artillery officers, who are no scrubs.