31 JULY 1830, Page 9

FIRE AT Wooaeonn.—Abont one o'clock in the morning of Thurs..

day week, a fire commenced in the bleach-works at Wooiford, near Bury, which in two hours destroyed from 1300 to 1400 calico pieces, and the whole of the interior of the edifice in which it commenced. Two of the men employed at the works had gone to work at that early hour, and the lighted candle they made use of by some means occasioned the calamitous event. The works were carried on for the benefit of the widow and numerous family of the late Mr. James Booth, who, it will be recollected, met with a premature death by partaking of a pudding into which arsenic had been introduced, at the vestry dinner at Totting- ton Lower End in September last. None of the property was insured.

FATAL WAGER.—Some days ago, a fine young man at Lennox town, of Campsie, near Glasgow, for a trifling bet, engaged to carry the anvil of a smith for a considerable distance. When lie had got within thirty yards of the goal, his foot was caught by a stone, and he fell forward. The anvil, which was strapped on his shoulders, and which weighed 2a cwt., rolled on to his head, which it so severely in- jured that he died in twenty-four hours after.

LIGIITNING.—A poor man was killed by lightning, on the road near Stewarton, in Ayrshire, ou Wednesday sennight. The body was very much scorched.

COLLIERY ACCIDENT.—Six men, while ascending the stair of the Bannockburn coal-pit lately, were hurled from nearly the top to the bottom, by the giving way of the steps, and killed in the fall or drowned at the water at the bottom of the pit. The stairs are fifty fathom in length.

HynacrlionrA.—A girl, nine years of age, was bitten at Ampthill, by the mad dog which traversed this county in various parts, as de- scribed in this paper a few weeks since. On Saturday the 10th inst., the usual symptoms appeared, and on the following morning she ex- pired.—Beilford Gazette.