31 JULY 1847, Page 11


Aazuvon-At Gravesend, 24th July. Walmer Castle, Thorne, from Sydney ; and Pun- jab, Palmer, from Calcutta. In the Downs, 28th, GurU, Lothman, from Semarang; and 29th, Henrietta, ,tangent, from Sydney. In the Channel, 27th, Eweretta, Derby, from Sydney ;Wm. Jardine, Small, from China ; and Louisa Battle, Booby, from Mauritius. In the Clyde, 22d, Argaum, Tait, from Calcutta. Off Cork, 26th, John Wood, Rose, from Mauritius. At the Cape, June. Surat (S), from Liverpool. At St. Helena, 12th June, John Cooper, Grelg ; and Othello, Thompson, from China; Tanjore, Brown, from Calcutta ; and Jane Catherine, Hewett, from Madras ; 13th, Calder, Braithwaite, from China ; Louisa Munro, Harding, from Akyab ; and Sultan, Broderick, from Calcutta ; and 14th. Vanguard, Norris, from Mauritius. At Penang, 31st May, Assam, M'Alpin, from Leith.

SAILED-From Gravesend, 23d July, Maitland, Gray, for Port Phillip, 24th, Then, Lowe, for Ditto; and Bengal Merchant, Lowen, for Bombay ; 2601, Gloriana, Doman, for Calcutta ; and Emerald 151e, Palmer, for Madras ; 27th, Dispatch, Eisdon, for Swan River ; 28th, Monarch, Weller, for Calcutta ; aud Candahar, Gam for Madras.