31 JULY 1847, Page 12

The Committee of Council on Education have, since the education

grant re- ceived the sanction of Parliament, had under their consideration representations made to them in memorials and by deputations as to the mode of carrying their recent minutes into execution. The Lord President has, we understand, recently appointed Mr. James Armitage, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Mr. R. R. W. Lingen, Fellow of Baliol College, Oxford, as Examiners, to conduct, under the direction of the Secretary, the correspondence connected with the exe- cution of the recent minutes. Other appointments have also been made; and the arrangements being now complete, the minutes will be carried into execution with- out delay.— Times.

All limitation on the weight of letters which may be sent by post will cease on the let of August.

There is a rumour current of the return of Sir John Franklin from the Polar regions. It receives no credit at the Admiralty; and we believe it to be quite un- fouhded.—Globe.

The Thames Regatta, compressed into two days, commenced yesterday. The sport was very abundant, the weather fine, and the spectators crowded. The bulk of the rowing was by amateurs, who greatly distinguished themselves. The professional mining consisted of a pair-oared race, in three heats, by watermen- won by R. Coombes and Perry; and a sculler's match by apprentices, in which J. A. Messenger won a coat and badge, with his freedom.