31 JULY 1880, Page 15

[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR.'] SIII, — The real facts of

the Trench management were not made known in the "Realities of Irish Life," but were first published to the world by Mr. Thomas Crosbie, the correspondent of a -Cork newspaper, who lived among the Kerry peasantry for weeks, till he had fully learned and mastered all the remarkable caprices and severities of Mr. Trench's management. The sub- stance of Mr. Crosbie's letters was afterwards published in an article in the North British Review (October, 1869), with the title, "The Literature of the Irish Land Question." The case -of the poor boy Denis Shea was mentioned by " S. G. 0.," in the Times of 1851. The present Lord Lansdowne was certainly then very young ; but where has he been during all these years, not to know something of facts now well known to the world Mr. Crosbie tells us that the fines for harbouring persons not allowed to live on the estate, including the nearest relatives, usually were "a gale of rent." There never was such a grim -" reality of Irish life" as the Trench agency.—I am, Sir,