31 JULY 1964, Page 14

SIR, Your short comment on my complaint to the Press

Council omits its substance and is inaccurate. As you well know, and as the Council's own com- munique makes clear, my complaint was not that you refused to publish my 'long letter.' It was that, having printed an article which attacked psychiatry and which in places came near to questioning the right of the mentally ill to receive treatment at all, you did not publish any letter, long, short or shortened, which argued a contrary view.


Woodrising, .5 Bingham A venue, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset [Mr. Oerton seems anxious to prolong this tedious dispute : we are not. But, to repeat: the Press Council's adjudication was that the Spectator was not 'under an obligation to publish a reply, especially as the columnist indicated in a further article the range of reactions from readers.' As far as we are concerned the matter is now closed.—Editor, Spectator.]