31 JULY 1964, Page 7

No Progress I had better submit a further progress report

on my two correspondence games with Philidor, especially as I think I shall lose one of them swiftly, And this is the one where he played as Black the Classical Defence to my Ruy Lopez opening. I like to think that 1 had the better of the opening, and promptly embarked on a sacri- fice of a knight for three pawns. With his usual exquisite politeness, Philidor observed that it was an interesting move. The real reason, I replied, is that I don't own a proper chess set and my miniature set has three black pawns missing. Now at least I've got the game on to the set. This explanation so shook Philidor that he promptly left for the interzonal tournament in Amsterdam to think things over and to consult with a whole gaggle of ex-world champions. Un- fortunately, he then came up with the right moves, including one I hadn't even 'seen.' Now the White position is a mess. Very sad.

The other game is, so Philidor assures me, even. But it is also, very dull. I feel a sacrificial urge consuming me once more. And once more I shall be wrong.