31 MARCH 1866, Page 2

The Fenians appear to e have convinced the Governor-General of !Camila that

they really mean something. Lord Mouck accord- ingly, ealled ont fish 10,000,, and then 20,000, volunteeneto resist " the piratical' attacks of lawless men," and the summons was ,obeyed with extraordinary readiness.. The full number cif.. men .presented themselves, and were billeted' on the inhabitants of ,Montreal and Quebec. The soldiery were placed under arms, the West India fleet had been ordered to.Halifax, and represen- tations had been addressed to. the Government of' Washington, which had accordingly sent troops to Buffalo. The information upon which Lord Monck acts has oh coarse been. kept secret, but up to the afternoon of St Patrick's Day, Marsh 17, the Fenians had made no movement. We have explained elsewhere the reasons which will, we believe, induce the American Government to act loyally, but their action will be all' the easier for the demonstration. in Canada. People am always most friendly to- those who can help themselves.