31 MARCH 1866, Page 3

Hr. Baker, Inspector of rectories, has sent in a special

report on the case of the father of Constance Kent. This gentleman was sub-inspector at Road, and was of course maintained in his office by Government. The British public chose, however, to believe, in the teeth of all evidence, that he murdered his infant son to conceal an intrigue, and nobody would associate with him even officially. His private means were. exhausted in defending his daughter, and Mr. Baker was obliged to appoint him to a remote district of Wales, and. even there he was pursued by deaden A worse case of injustice never occurred, but English- men in certain cases are impervious to reason. Even. now, when the wretched girl, with insanity in hezoreins, has confessed, theme are hundreds who believe. Mr. Kent guilty because Mr. Wagner believes confession useful.. A Brighton clergyman is a ritualist, Constance Kent confessed- a murder to him,.ergo her father com- mitted that murder, ergo it is quite right that a rather disagreeable but innocent man, who fonght bravely for his daughter's life, should for five years be worse punished than he would have been if ha had been guilty.