31 MARCH 1866, Page 3

The last return off the cattle plague shows an apparent

increase, tbut the Government has nevertheless issued an Order in Council which from April 16 will supersede all others. It is the best drawn And most sensible yet issued. Compulsory slaughter is abolished, And owners allowed to cure their beasts if they can, provided they take precautions for perfect isolation. These precautions are minutely detailed and enforced by fines of 201. for each offence. Any local authority may proclaim a certain area as " infected," and after that no animal except a horse or a dog can leave it till it. has again been pronounced clean. All imported beasts are to be slaughtered at the port of entry, all markets except for beasts to be slaughtered are closed till June 1, and all movement of -.cattle imported from any part of the United Kingdom will be -carried on under licences. This is a system which will not greatly interfere with the trade, though it will embarrass it, while it pro- -vides thoroughly against the spread of contagion.