31 MARCH 1866, Page 3

The Provost-Marshal at Morten) Bay; Mr. Ramsay, charged' be- fore

the magistrates with the murder-of Marshall, has been dis- missed for the present,—three- of the magistrates ellsagreeing and .arguing- that he should have been sent for trial, but the Attorney-General has caused hfin to be re-arrested, and he will probably be again admitted to bait; and at the Circuit Court, to

be held three months hence in St. Thomas-in-the-East, it is ex- pected he will be again charged with murder ; but the delay is. in his favour, and there is a strong disposition in the island to pro- tect him. If he can be proved guilty of one-tenth of the crimes Ascribed to him, his escape from hanging would be a disgrace to the English Government in Jamaica. We trust, too, what is a matter of more importance, that the responsibility for not re- :straining the military rage of the officers will be formally fastened .on Mr. Eyre. Whatever may be the excuses in his case, it is necessary above all things that English Governors should feel for the future that they are commissioned to secure justice to all -classes, and that they will. be strictly called to account and ,punished if they fail.