31 OCTOBER 1908, Page 1

Another point in the German Emperor's interview is leas controversial.

We allude to his interesting story that after the "black week" of Colenso be supplied Queen Victoria with a plan of campaign for the South African War. This plan of campaign, originally the Emperor's, was, we are told, sub- mitted to and criticised by the German General Staff and then despatched to England, and that in essentials the plan ran very much on the lines which were actually adopted by Lord Roberts. That the German Emperor supplied his grandmother with such a plan of campaign we, of course, do not doubt for one moment. Even if the statement had not the high authority of the Emperor, it would carry conviction from its very nature. We venture to doubt, however, whether so active-minded a war expert as the German Emperor could have resisted the temptation to supply a similar plan of campaign to General Botha had he happened to have been at the moment in direct communication with that commander.