31 OCTOBER 1908, Page 16


[To THE EDITOR 01 Till "SPECTATOH.1 SIR,—After reading Lady Blomfield's unfortunate experience (Spectator, October 24th) in bringing a dog from abroad, I should like to relate my own. Last year I brought my Aberdeen terrier from Gibraltar. By arrangement be was met at Tilbury by Messrs. Thomas Cook and Son's representa- tive, who conveyed him, in the wooden cage I had made for him, to Messrs. Sewell's sanatorium at Croydon. Messrs. Cook's charge was 25s. I twice visited my dog unexpectedly, and found him in excellent quarters and being thoroughly well looked after. On the first visit I gave the kenneltnan small tip (2s. 6d.), but do not think that it was expected or made any difference to the dog's treatment. At the end of three months he came out of quarantine in as perfect health and condition as he went in. Messrs. Sewell's charge was 7s. a week. It is difficult to know what is meant by "the Government kennels" in your correspondent's letter. The Board of Agriculture and Fisheries sent me a list of authorised quarantine establishments, none of which are under Government control, and offered to investigate any other to which I thought of sending my dog. Needless to say, I took some trouble in finding out beforehand a trustworthy carrying agent and a perfectly satisfactory sanatorium.— I am, Sir, &c., MARGARET FELKIN. 17 The Avenue, Southampton.