31 OCTOBER 1908, Page 2

As an example of the way in which a section

of the German Press deals with the German Emperor's advice as to the proper conduct of the Boer War, we quote the following extract from the Pan-German and Anglophobe Rheinisch-

Westfeilische Zeitung :—

"The soul of the German nation will be most deeply wounded by the knowledge that its Kaiser worked out a war plan with which to annihilate the valiant Boers, a people of a kindred race. The German Emperor as an unbidden strategist against a Low German people is a spectacle which centuries cannot erase. At that time England carried on war not only against German blood, but against German interests, mishandled the despised German subjects, and seized our mail steamers, while Mr. Chamberlain deeply insulted our warriors of 1870 and the old Emperor, and to-day we learn that our Emperor forged a plan of war against our gallant brothers in race and stood in the closest touch with the British war party. Was the Emperor also a party to the plan by which 30,000 Boer farms were destroyed and plundered, and the women and children placed in the deadly concentration camps ? We refuse to believe it. The German Emperor never acted thus. May he never act thus! If the interview is authentic, we must confess we not only no longer understand the Emperor, but we also must deeply regret and deplore his conduct."