31 OCTOBER 1908, Page 25

Mumma NovELs.—The Heart Smiler. By Mary E. Mann. (Methuen and

Co. 6s.)—This is the story, told in Mrs. Mann's delightful way, of a fascinating young lady who, after becoming an inmate of her aunt's house on false pretences, does several good turns to the members of the family. -Colonel Stow. By H. C. Bailey. (Hutchinson and Co. 6+34— A romance of the Great Rebellion. Though the book is chiefly occupied with adventures and battles, Mr. Bailey contrives very cleverly to throw sidelights on the indifference of a surprising number of the inhabitants of England to the stirring events which were passing in their midst.—Miss Fallowfield's Fortune. By Ellen Thorneycrof t Fowler. (Cassell and Co. 6s.)—A modern story, the theme of which is the Nemesis of fulfilled desires.— The Down Express. By G. W. Appleton. (John Long. 6s.)—A melodrama of which the opening chapter is decidedly the best part.