31 OCTOBER 1908, Page 25

The Olympic Games Again. By Francis Peabody, jun. (Boston, U.S.A.)—The

Olympic Games are rather an old story; but we cannot help returning to the subject in order to have the pleasure of acknowledging a pamphlet by Mr. Francis Peabody which has just reached Me from America. Mr. Peabody, who is a Harvard man, and a brother of the Head-Master of the well-known Groton School, was present during the games in the Stadium, and he has written his pamphlet to dissociate Americans as a whole entirely from the charge of dishonesty against the British judges. He acquits both the British judges and the American athletes of all blame. But he brings a very heavy charge of deliberately un- sportsmanlike conduct against the so-called "Committee of Honour" which represented the American competitors. According to Mr. Peabody's generous pamphlet, there is indeed no difference between the ideals of both countries as to the conduct of sport. We can only join him in thinking it the more regrettable that such deplorable direction as that of the "Committee of Honour" should be forced on decent Americans, and we hope that none will be made the victims of it in future.