31 OCTOBER 1908, Page 3

The elections for the Lord Rectorships of Glasgow and Nolinburgh

Universities were held last Saturday. At Glasgow the votes of the "nations" were equally divided between Lord Curzon and Mr. Lloyd George, and the former was only returned by the narrow numerical majority of 12 votes, 947 to 935, Mr. Keir Hardie only polling 122. Lord Curzon, in the last resort, probably owed his election to the votes of the women students. At Edinburgh also the Unionist candidate was successful in the person of Mr. George Wyndham, who polled 826 votes to 727 for Mr. Winston Churchill, and 614 for the Independent candidate, Professor Osier, who was powerfully supported by the medical students. It is impossible to overlook the backward swing of the pendulum which these results illustrate.