31 OCTOBER 1908, Page 3

The special correspondent of the Times at Durban Ban in

the issue of Saturday last that the statement that the King is unlikely to assent to the Natal Bill forbidding the grant of trading licenses to Indian immigrants, and taking away at the end of ten years those licenses which already exist, has not caused indignation or surprise. The correspondent thinks that the real Object of the Bill was to draw Imperial atten. tion to the difficulties in Natal. The situation there is curiously contradictory, for the sugar- and tea-planters say they cannot get on without Indian labour. Yet the Premier, Mr. Moor, evidently intends to continue, as far as is allow- able, the policy of restricting Indian traders. Mr. Moor suggests that there should be a Conference between the Imperial Government and representatives of South Africa, and perhaps also of India, on the subject. Apparently all the authorities interested in this most difficult question deeire it.