31 OCTOBER 1908, Page 3

The suffragists succeeded in creating another scene in the House

of Commons on Wednesday night. More than a dozen members of the "Women's Freedom League," having been admitted to the Ladies' Gallery, interrupted the debate by hanging out a poster and shouting at the Members. When the attendants intervened, it was found that two ladies had chained themselves to the grille, portions of which had to be torn away before they could be removed. An unsuccessful attempt was also made by another group to rush the Lobby of the House of Commons. At the end of the sitting the Speaker announced that he felt it his duty most reluctantly to order that for a time the Strangers' and Ladies' Galleries should be closed. We comment on this decision elsewhere, but may note that the tactics of the militant suffragists are causing the most serious misgivings among the most influential and convinced supporters of woman suffrage, both in the Press and out of it.