31 OCTOBER 1947, Page 16

SIR, —Janus would have done better to await my reply to

Mr. Eden's false and misleading charge against us eight Labour M.P.s who visited Eastern Europe before assuming its truth. I propose to reply in the next foreign affairs debate. Meanwhile. I content myself with saying that (a) None of us attacked our Labour Government in East Europe—we really don't need lessons in loyalty to our own side from Tories, (b) We did express grave misgivings about the Marshall plan, but this country is not yet the 49th State in the Union, (c) I did not " endorse " the forma- tion of the Cominform. I said that unhappily, so far as we in the West were concerned, it was a case of "Vous l'avez voulu, Georges Dandin" (freely translated into the vernacular, "You asked for it, brother ").—