31 OCTOBER 1947, Page 17

Experts in Grass Among war-destroyed activities that have been resumed

is the work of the Board of Green-Keeping Research at Bingley in Yorkshire. The revived Journal is full of interest. Charles Darwin would have appreciated the discourse on earth-worms, and though these cultivators are abhorred by lawn- and green-keepers their virtues are suitably acknow- ledged and their astonishing activity corroborated. A single worm may live as long as ten years or more ; and a normal population will bring to the top some 11 tons of fine stone-free soil per acre. However, there are worms and worms. Only some few sorts (especially the two rejoicing in the names of Allolobophora Longa and A. Nocturna) are responsible for worm casts. The number of worms is no index of the number of casts. Has there ever been a season when worms were less active in their autumnal peak of activity?