31 OCTOBER 1947, Page 17

SPIVS OR SPINNERS Sta,—To a man, like myself, who lives

in the country, a visit to London is an amazing experience. Here we are faced with the greatest economic crisis in our history, with our very existence in the balance—and yet I found the theatres and cinemas packed with well-dressed men in the prime of life even at matinees ! Who are these idlers ? How do they live? And for how long does the Government (who are cutting down the armed forces in the most perilous fashion in order to get labour for the factories) intend to let spivs fiddle while Rome is burning? Bigger crowds than ever at football matches, dog tracks, cinemas, theatres, etc., while faced with actual starvation in the very near future! Is it any wonder that the Americans are reluctant to give us further charity?—