31 OCTOBER 1947, Page 26

Shorter Notices

Lady Sarah Lennox. By Edith Roelker Curtis. (W. H. Allen. 10s. 6d.)

"LADY SARAH LEmox, loveliest and gayest of many magic figures "- the dust-cover of this book gives an idea of its tone. A great deal of- research .must have gone to the life of this eighteenth-century beauty who was a descendant of Charles II and Louise de Querouaille and was loved, at the age of sixteen, by the young George III; but all too often the history is tricked out with fanciful reconstructions- " one pictures them taking a veiled look at one another," "one imagines that Sarah was absorbed in childhood memories." The world of Lady Sarah is crowded ; the politics complicated ; no doubt the technique of fiction is intended to make them palatable. Love and personal relations are concentrated on ; the style is that of women's magazines. Nevertheless one gets a full picture of the life of a great family under the Georges ; some picture, too, through the decorations, of life itself which—far from being "magic "—begins with beauty and gaiety and ends with loss, blindness and loneliness. Altogether history with a large addition of saccharine.