3 APRIL 1847, Page 10

The new Italian Opera in Covent Garden opens on Tuesday,

with Semiramide, and a strong cast, comprising old favourites and novelties. The visiters will scarcely recognize the building. Even as you approach it, outside, the temple-looking edifice seems enlarged: it has been restored to whiteness; the rails have been removed; a tramway will conduct car- riages under the portico. Within, surprise is excited at the amplitude of the space: by ingenious arrangements and simplification, space and ac- commodation seem to be gained in each part, at the expense of no other part. The interior is very handsome, and will look well at night. One point of some public interest has been settled on the best authority—the authorities under the Metropolitan Buildings Act have surveyed the structure and formally certify that it is quite safe. To Mr. B. Albano, the engineer-architect, belongs the chief merit of these well-planned and well- executed improvements.