3 APRIL 1847, Page 18


On the 20th February, at Madras, the Lady of MajorG. A. Underwood, Superintend- ing Engineer, Presidency Division, Ma son.

On. the 19th March, at Stockholm, the Wilt of George J. R. Gordon, Esq., younger, f Ellen, Secretary to her Majesty's Legation at the Court of Sweden, of a son.

On the list, the Lady Charles Beanclerk, of a son.

On the 24th, at Burley Park, the Wife of G. It. Farnall, Esq., of a eon.

On the 26th, the Lady of Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Req., ALP., of a eon.

On the 27th, at the Vicarage, Enfield, Middlesex, the Wife of the Rev. J. M. Heath, of a son.

On the 28th, at Bayswater, the Lady of George R. Glidden, Esq., late United States Consul at Cairo, of a son.

On the 28th, at Oregynog, Montgomeryshire, the Lady of the Hon. Henry Hanbury Tracy, of a daughter.

On the 29th, at Ashbarnham Place, Sussex, the Countess of Ashburnham, of a son. On the 29th, at Lee, the Wife of Dr. Robertson, D.C.L.. of a daughter.

Oa the 30th, In Queen's Terrace, Woolwich Common, the Hon. Mrs. Montague

Otopford, of a daughter.

On the 1st April, in the Blackfriare Road, Mrs. Holder, of four children, two boys and tegagids, all living.

Ow the 2d, at Sudbury Priory, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Mrs. Webster, of a daughter.


On the 25th March, at the British Legation at the Hague, John Peter junior, Esq., of Rouen, eldest can of John Peter, Esq., Dundee, to Salvadora Mary, second daughter of Sir James H. Turing, Bart., of Foveran, her Majesty's Consul at Rotterdam.


On the 23d March, at the Priory, Templemore, Sir Henry Robert Carden, Bart.

On the 23d, at liedball House, Edinburgh, John Limes, Esq., of Auchendinny.

On the 24th, the Rev. William Atkinson, M.A., Vicar of Carewdon ; In his Slat year.

On the 25th, at Potterne Manor House, Wilts, Julia, the eldest daughter of Lieu- tenant-Colonel Olivier ; in her 22d year.

On the 29th, at Northfield. Elginshlre, Sir Archibald Dunbar, Bart.; in his 75th year. On the 30th, at Richmond, the Lady Harriet Ashbumham ; in her 88th year.

On the 31st, In Grosvenor Street, the Lord Saye and Sete; in his 49th year.

Lately, at Headington, Oxfordshire, Ann, Relict of the late Rev. Matthew Arm- strong, Rector of Shaw-cum-DonnIngton, Berke ; in her 90th year.