3 APRIL 1847, Page 18


ARDIVED -At Gravesend, 26th March, W. S. Hamilton, Duggan, from Calcutta ; 28th, Marie, Laurie, from Mauritius ; 29th, Sea Gail, Langley, from Batavia; and Cressy, Monition, from Calcutta ; 30th, Robert Small, Scott, from Calcutta ; 31st, Rajah, Fergusson, from Sydney ; Starling, May ; and I. Somes, Thompson from Manilla ; Surge, Purchase; Constant, Hemery ; Mary Bannatyne, Pickeu ; Anne Jane, Row ; and Betio, Barker, from China ; Semiramis, Loekhard, from Calcutta ; and Edmunds- bury, Stuart, from Mauritius. In the Downs, 30th, Franklyn, Abbott ; from Batavia ; Aurora, Ryan ; and Semarang, -, from Calcutta; and Eclipse, Austin, from Mau- ritius; and 31st, Pennyard Park, Weller, from Sydney. At Portsmouth, 27th, Anna Maria, Taylor, from Calcutta. At Bristol, 28th, Barbara, Baker, from Cal- cutta ; and J. T. Carr, Wilkins. from Mauritius. At Liverpool, 29th, Tar, Lengthy, from Mauritius. At Cork, 24th, Spencer, Stanton, from Manilla.

AtBombay, previous to 211March, Rajasthan, Stuart, from London ; Moozuffer, Ethersay, from Plymouth ; Crown, Johns; 'Seagate°, Fisher: and Mentz, Grieves, from Liver- pool; and Quintln, Leitch, Potter, and Strabane, Grterson; from the Clyde. At Cal- cutta, previous to 19th February, Manchester, Morice, from London; Manilla, Harri- son; Loodianah, Heron; Jolly Robin, Beverley ; Courier, Grey ; and Eliza. Smart,. -, from Liverpool ; Argaun, Tait, from the Clyde; and Mars, Smith, from Dundee,. SAILED-From Gravesend, 30th March, Justine, Leehaw, for Madras; and 31st, Emily,, Anderson, for Calcutta.