3 APRIL 1847, Page 31

DESPERATE REMEDIES.-There are large tracts of country in Ireland-whole counties-which

we should recommend the legislative Government to seize upon for a period of twenty or thirty years, paying to the proprietors such rent as sworn valuators, taking the certainty of punctual payment into account, might deter- mine upon. Of these districts military possession should be taken. The popula- tion should be subjected to a discipline analogous to the military; their labour being to a considerable extent compulsory, and their reward being in proportion to the diligence with which they should contribute voluntary labour in addition to that which was compulsory. Cleanliness should be made compulsory, as with soldiers. Marriages should be subjected to conditions and circumstances, as with soldiers. In short, these unruly and beggarly districts should be formed into great armies to subdue the earth and to till it-to make a garden of the land, and to live comfortably and decently upon its produce. As to the capability of the land, under strict and careful management, to feed all the people well and to pay rent besides, we have not the slightest doubt upon the subject. But a crowd of people, of whom indolence, cunning, dirt, and despair, are the prominent cha- racteristics, will never get the good out of the land till they are compelled to it.. Once establish discipline, and the Irish will get on very well. Establish it and keep it established for twenty or thirty years, and then perhaps, habits being formed, we may, trust the Irish with liberties and franchise; and the privilege of taking care of themselves.-Morning Pad, March 81.