3 APRIL 1852, Page 1

Milton describes Death in a lazar-house as shaking his dart

overhead the patients but delaying to strike : even so Lord Derby deals with his general election. The preliminary canvass, ho*- ever, is plied with increasing energy. Its most remarkable fea- ture is the migration of a certain class of Irish Members to Eng- lish constituencies. Mr. Anstey is an Englishman, and Sir Wil- liam Somerville and Mr. Torrens M'Cullagh have more in common with English than with the general mass of Ilibernian legislators : all three have winged their way fromtheir il.kali:..seats, in Search of -English ones, as !cilia flock inland impending. This bodes squally election-weather in the lister island, and is ominous of-an intensely Irish representation in next Parliament. • An rests; the addresses of candidates are characterized by in- creasing boldness in' the avowal of Free-trade. principlesi. and in- :creasing equivocation .of professed Protectionists. If an Abdiel was looked for in this hour of wholesale apostaoy from the Pre- tectiOniat creed, it was in the pertain of George Frederick Young ; Ket even he, in his address to the electors of Scarborough, declares is readiness to shut his eyes and open his mouth and see what Providence III the shape of Lord Derby will send him.