3 APRIL 1852, Page 10

At a Court of Common Council, yesterday , a resolution top

roceed with the Corporation Reform Bill was passed :amendment was rejected, At a Court of Common Council, yesterday, a resolution top roceed with the Corporation Reform Bill was passed :amendment was rejected,

and the consequence will be that the Livery Companies will oppose the bill in Parliament

There is to be a grand promenade of the public in the Crystal Palace today : seven military bands of music to play 'Joni two o'clock till half. pastfive l The building is to be open to the public without payment every day in the week, and on Saturdays by shilling tickets, tor some time longer.

At Monmouth, yesterday, Mr. Bailey the Protectionist was chosen, preference to Mr. Lindsay the great Free-trade shipowner,—votts 600 to 428.

Mr. Edward Struth has issued an address to the electors of Nottingham accepting an invitation to stand.

A telegraphic message sent from Dublin last night says—" The election of a 'Boman Catholic Archbishop, in the room of the late Dr. Murray, took place today. The following are the names to be submitted to the Pope : Archbishop Cullen, dignissimus ; Dean Megler, diynior ; Mr. Dunn, dignue."

President Bonaparte's Senate met on Thursday, mid voted their master a dotation of 12,000,000 francs a year.

We understand that a special joint mission is shortly to be cent by the English and French Governments, at the instance of our Foreign Office, to Buenos Ayres, to arrange a treaty of commerce, and the free naviga. tion of the Parana. The Chevalier de St. Georges has' we believe, been selected by the French Government, and he will havefor his colleague a distinguished British naval officer, [Admiral Hotham,] who played a pro- minent part in the operations of the British squadron there in 1846.— 3/ot-sting Chronicle.