3 APRIL 1852, Page 10



The English Stock Market has been subject to but slight fluctuations; the variations in price not having exceeded f per cent ; %%bile the closing price this afternoon is the same as that of last week. The books of all the Stocks which have recently been closed for the dividends will open for private trans- fer on Tuesday next the 6th instant, and the dividends themselves will be paid to the public on Thursday the 8th. The Bank rate of discount con- tinues the same ; but money has for the last few days been rather more in demand than previously. The transactions iii ihe Foreign Market have been chiefly confined to the speculative Stocks—the South American and Mexican ; and all of them con- tinue in demand. Mexican Stock has improved rather more than I per cent upon the reverted prospect of a speedy pay meat of the indemnity-money for the advance of which negotiations are still pending with Messrs. Baring and Co. M. Falconnet is also to return to Mexico to resume his duties as agent to the Bondholders, by the next mail. The Peninsular Securities keep up : the transactions in Portugue se Bonds have not been impel tont, but some large business has occurred in Spanieb Stock, the mathet having been sup- ported by the investments of English capitalists against the large sales made on foreign account. The speculation in the certificates for the unconverted Coupons appears to have entirely subsided. A considerable demand for money was observable upon the occasion of the settlement of the half-monthly Account in Foreign Bonds, on Tuesday and Wednesday last ; much higher rates having been given to carry over Stock and Railway Shares than for some time. A very slight check has thence been given to speculation. The English Share Market (though in some cases firmer toda)') is lower at least for almost every clam but Preference Shares. These continue in de- mand, and it is and has been for some time difficult to make purchases of this class of Shares at anything like the nominal prices. The Great Western Company have at last completed the issue of Four-and-a-half per Cent Pre- ference Shares to the proposed extent of 3,600,0001.; and this description of Stock is now in demand at a premium. The French Shares have all ii- proved; and from the increased rate of interest paid to carry over accounts an some of them upon the last settling-day, it would appear that a consider- able amount is held here upon speculation. The President of the Republic seems so fond of amalgamations and extensions of the terms of leases, that it is impossible to say what increased value may be given to these securities by operations of this character : hence a great incentive to speculation.


In the English Market, prices are the same as yesterday, Console being 981 both for Money and the Account. There is nothing doing in Foreign Stocks, but the quotations are maintained. In the Share Market there has been no particular movement.

SATURDAY Two o'Ctocx.

Prices have remained without alteration and little doing in English Stocks; Consols being 981 both for Money and the Account. In the Foreign Market, Spanish and Buenos Ayres are rather higher, and Mexican a little lower.

There has not been much business in the Share Market, but Railway lines are rather lower. Caledonian, IN; Eastern Counties, 91; Great Northern 20; Great Southeill and Western, (Ireland,) 371; Great Western, 881 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 711; London and North-western, 1231; London and South-western, 891; Midland, 64i ; South-eastern, 211; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 181; York and Noah Midland, 241; Bou- logne and Amiens, 131; Northern of France, 221; Paris and Orleans, 47; Paris and Strasbourg, 22f ; Tours and Nantes, lot,

3 per Cent Consols 984 1 Dutch 21 per Cents 60 1 Dit.o for Account

8 per Cent Reduced 98,1 / Ditto 4 per Cents

84 per Cents shut Mexican 5 per Cents 1846... Long Annuities shut Peruvian 6 per Cents Bank Stock shut Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842.. 35 6

Exchequer Bills shut Ditto a per Cents 1824 18431 ex tl.

69 71 pm. Russian 5 per Cents India Stock shut Ditto 41 per Cents 105 7 ex d.

Brazilian 5 per Cents .... 99 101 ex d. Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents —i.1119-3214°°14

Belgian 41 per Cents Milian 6 per Cents 102 94 96 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 451 4 ex d. Ditto Deferred 3 pe Cents 1851 201 r 102 4 Sardinian Bons Danish 5 per Cents 93

Ditto 3 per Cents 77 9 ex d 4