3 APRIL 1852, Page 11


BARNSTAPLE. Lord Ebrington stands, in room of his brother the Honour- able N. Fortescue, and it is said he will head the poll ; and that another Free-trader will get in with him, and oust Mr. Bremridge the sitting Pro- tectionist Member. Yet there is another Protectionist candidate in the field, Sir F. Frazer of Pilton House. But it is said that he has not much chance.

Bovrotr. Mr. Peter Ainsworth has pledged himself to a contest with Sir Joshua Walmsley. He has declared for Free-trade, and for Parliamentary Reform, and for the ballot, but would not support Mr. flume's motion.

Cesnintnoz. Mr. Adeane has withdrawn ; and Protectionist plans are not rearranged. Mr. Ireland of Ousden Park and Mr. Ball were named at a public meeting, and the latter EES nominated, but he WRS not present to assent. There is no doubt some Protectionist will attack Mr. Townley. DUDLEY. Mr. Benbow will, no doubt, by the aid of Lord Ward, be re-


Exuma. It was announced that Sir Fitzroy Kelly would appear, and that Mr. Divett would yield his seat at summons • but now Mr. Divett says in an address that he shall hold on as a Free-trader, and it is doubtful if Sir Fitzroy Kelly will-show himself.

HastPanntE, Bourn. At a meeting of the South !lents Society for the Protection of British Industry, held last week at Botley, it was resolved to support Mr. Compton, the present Member, at the next election, and to op- pose Lord Charles Wellesley, unless his Lordship will support all Lord Derby's measures. Ilunrrox. Mr. Richard Sommers Gard, of Exeter, Protectionist, appears as a candidate.

HUDDERSFIELD. Mr. Cheetham has now declined to renew his contest with the sitting Whig Member, Mr. Stansfield. Mr. William Williams, "a merchant of much popularity," and "of the school of Cobden," has taken the field.

lirritE. Mr. Brockman is invited by his constituents to remain.

Dux OF WIGHT. Colonel Harcourt has announced himself a candidate. He is a rigid Conservative ; but he says, in his address, that he shall vote against any reimposition of the duty on corn. LANCASHIRE, SOUTH. The retirement of Mr. Henry is from ill health. The _Doily News says—" It is expected that Mr. Alderman Watkins will be brought forward in place of Mr. Henry. Mr. Watkins is a Manchester mer- chant of Free-trade and Liberal polities, and is highly respected in the country." LrvnarooL. The Roman Catholics have carried their point, through the generous conduct of Sir Thomas Birch. Sir Thomas has announced his in- tention to retire from the representation, that the Liberal interest may be concentrated on the return of two Free-traders. Accordingly, Mr. J. C. Ewart, brother of Mr. W. Ewart, the Member for Dumfries, a resident on the banks of the Mersey, highly respected for his principles and character, has been solicited, and he has consented, to stand as Mr. Cardwell's colleague. The rotestant and Catholic Free-traders will unite in support of the two, and sir return is thought comparatively safe. LEWES. The Liberals and Peelites have resolved at public meeting to merge all minor differences, and unite to return Mr. H. Fitzroy, a Lord of the Admiralty during the last Peel Administration, and the Honourable H. Breed, late private secretary to Sir George Grey. Mnurnva. In consequence of Sir John Guest's continued indisposition, it is rumoured that Dr. Layer(' will be a candidate for the representation of Merthyr at the approaching election. Dr. Layard is, we believe, related to Lady Charlotte Guest. —Swansea Herald. Nownvonamsaraa., Sourn. "An unexpected change has occurred," says the Times, "which will result in the rejection of Mr. Hildyard, as one of the ' Farmers' candidates. A strong requisition to Lord Newark will be presented in a day or two, inviting his Lordship to allow himself to be put up in no- mination along with Mr. Barrow, and in ease of this being accepted no doubt they would be returned without opposition. Thus the differences which have recently existed between the owners and occupiers of the division would be amicably settled." Nonwicw. The Liberia members of the Town-Council have selected Mr. Warner, B.A. Oxon. a Reformer, to stand with the sitting Liberal, Mr. Peto. Homy:Luz. The 'Reform Association have set on foot a requisition of electors to Mr. Edward Miall, of London, editor of the Nonconformist. Mr. Henry Kelm; of Itochdale, father-in-law of Mr. Pete the Member, is also named. And it is now said that a Tory Free-trader will be put forward. EYE. The present Whig Member, Dlr. H. M. Curteis, retires. A requi- sition is to be presented to Mr. Pomfret, an active County Magistrate of Conservative principles, who, it is understood, will consent to come forward. His success is all but certain. SHEFFIELD. The Sheffield Free Press announces that Mr. George Hadfield, of Manchester, but a native of Sheffield, will probably be brought forward as a candidate.

STAFFORD. Mr. Sergeant Allen is to have two other candidates swimming abreast with him—Mr. Arthur Otway, a Free-trader and a forward Liberal ; and Mr. Phillips, a barrister of the Northern circuit, said to be a member of the Anti-Corn-law League. But Mr. Phillips has not yet done any overt act of candidateship.

Tavisrocw. Mr. Samuel Carter, of the Western Circuit, offers himself by address as a supporter of Mr. Hume's four points.

TIVERTON. They say simply, that Lord Palmerston and Mr. Heathcoat will be reelected.

• WALLINGFORD. Mr. Blackstone, the faithful Protectionist, is to retire, dor reasons not publicly stated, but understood to be local and personal. His friends bring forward Mr. Malins Queen's counsel of the Chancery bar, as Conservative and Protectionist, but as an economist of public expenditure, and a law reformer. Mr. Alfred Morrison, son of the great London mer- chant, and of Basildon Park, Berke, whose interest in the borough has been nursed for some years, will come forward as a Liberal and Free-trader. WALSALL. Mr. Forster is the only candidate. "Since Mr. Littleton's re- tirement he has received the undivided support of all sections of the Liberal party, and his election is regarded by the inhabitants of the borough as per- fectly secure." WINCHESTER. Sir James Buller East has positively declared to his princi- pal supporters here that he will not vote for a return to protective duties ; though, upon other questions, he is disposed to give Lord Derby's Govern- ment an independent support. —Hampshire Independent. It is said that Mr. Andrews, the Mayor of Southampton, who resides at Winchester, will be nominated.

WOOLWICH. Mr. Peter Holt, the contractor, having had a requisition pre- tainted to him, has consented to stand on Conservative principles.


BUTESHIRR. Mr. Stuart Wortley retires to make way, we understand, for -Captain Stuart, the son of Mr. Patrick James Stuart.—Seotsman. ORKNEY AND SHETLAND. Mr. Inglis, the young but professionally distin- guished Solicitor-General, set out some days ago to canvass the Isles against .Mr. Anderson the sitting Member. PERTH. The Honourable Arthur Kinnaird has offered himself to supply the vacancy in Perth caused by Mr. Fox Maule's migration in pursuit of a seat in Forfarshwe. Mr. Charles Gilpin, the London Quaker publisher, redeems former promises to come forward. There is some talk of a Protectionist can- Alidate--the Honourable C. Lyon.


CARLOW. Mr. Sadleir stands fast. There is talk of a Ministerial opponent. DUNDA.L.K. The _Louth Advertiser states that Mr. TorrensM'Cullagh will retire from Dundalk, in order to become a candidate for Yarmouth. Ger.vrev COUNTY, Mr. T. A. Bellew, son of Sir M. D. Bellew, has issued an address, declaring his determination to " oppose any Government that will not bring forward as a Cabinet measure the appropriation of the Church temporalities to their primitive purposes." He is in favour of "liberal grants to be applied to separate Catholic education," and of a fair measure of tenant rieit ; and be urges the repeal of the Ecclesiastical Titles Act. KILDARE Comm-. The Marquis of Kildare retires. Mr. O'Connor Henchy has addressed the electors, as an opponent of the Ecclesiastical Titles Act, and an advocate of Free-trade, Tenant-right, and the Maynooth

grant. •

MONAGHAN COUNTY. Sir George Forster has addressed the electors as a supporter of Lord Derby's Government ; but he is silent about Protection. NEM Ross. Sir Thomas Redirigton is to be opposed by Mr. Garen Duffy,

editor of the Nation newspaper.