3 APRIL 1852, Page 20


Tuesday, Mara 30.

PARTNEasnrPs DISSOLVE:D.—C. and E. H. Roads, Greek Street, tallow-chandlers- Edger and Harris, Exeter, linen-drapers—Wood and Co. Maryport, sail-makers; and Archer and Co. Liverpool, canvass-dealers—Frost and Elphick, Poland Street— Woodward jun. and Crosley, Crosby Hall Chambers, wine-merchants—R. and W. Chantry, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, farmers—W. and .1. E. Stiles, Upper Marylebone Street, bakers—Bywater and Brandis, Spa Road, cocoa-nut-fibre matting-manufac- turers—Allen . and Thomas, Newport, Monmouthshire, drapers—Buckland and Hawes, Walworth Place, land-agents—Ogden and Shaw, Oldham, bmss-founders- Stone and Marshall, Worcester, tailors—Lunn and Wright, Greenwich, engineering- surveyors—J. and H. Charlton, Birmingham, merchants—Ridgway and Co. Newton Heath, Manchester, plaster-manufacturers—Whinerey and Co. Liverpool, curriers- Bennett and Lloyd, Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Road, builders—Howard and Ray- ner, St. John Street Road, bakers--Ladbury and Carter, Upper Fitzroy Street, sur- geons—Gamble and Cnbley, Derby, painters—Dmbble and Co. Pancras Lane, axle- tree-manufacturers—Ogden and Murgatroyd, Keighley, worsted-spinners—W. and C. Pugh, Sevenoaks, linen-drapers—M. and J. F. Fox, Devonport, lierlin-wool- dealers—Williamson and Co. Hull, merchants; as far as regards .J. A. LbeiDg5t011. Bairsavrrer ANNIILLED.—lionEur WI:lowers, Worthing, draper. . maxsaurrs.-Joux Faasstr, Great Suffolk Street, draper, to surrender April 15, may 6: solicitor, Sawbridge, Wood Street, Cheapside ; official assignee, Bell, Cole- man Street Buildings-CHARLES Iluusos Smisosr, Bishopsgate Street, provision- dealer, April 8, May 6: solicitor, Keighley, Basingliall Street ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street-Tnonas HEARD, Woodbridge, Suffolk, brewer, April 20, May 18: solicitors, Sole and Co. Aldermanbury; Pownall, Ipswich; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-SAMUEL LOTICK COLEMAN, Norwich, draper, April 8. May 6 : solicitors, Sole and Co. Aldermanbury; official assignee, Groom. Abchurch Lane -Trroaras Yoe:roman, Old Street Road, draper. April 10, May 8 solicitor, Jay, Bucklersbury; official assignee. Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-FREDERICK GEORGE Jouss, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, fixture-dealer, April 3, May 14: solicitor, Story, Great James Street; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-MATTHEW SLADE Hoopes, Billiter Street, tea-dealer, April 14, May 14: so- licitors, Freshlields, New Bank Buildinifs; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-ANY Pecicsrr, Melton Street, Luston Square, lodginghouse-keeper, April 8, May 6: solicitor, Moson, Southampton Buildings; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane-B.1=mm CHAMBERLAIN. Uttoxeter, draper, April 3, May S : solicitors, Jones, Size Lane; 5fotteram and Co. Birmingham ; official assigne e, Bittleston, Nottingham- JOSEPH CRAVEN B.EUVES, Long Ashton, Somersetshire, paint-manufacturer, April..14, May 12: solicitor, Tyrer, Liverpool; official assignee, Miller. Bristol-Flamm 11.1. ILAN, Ottery St. Mary, apothecary, April 6, Mar 11 : solicitor. Gidley, Exeter ; offi- cial assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter-HENRY BATES, Warley, Yorkshire, brewer, April 20, May 24: solicitors, Wavell and Co. Halifax ; Courtensy and Compton. Leeds; offi- cial assignee. Hope, Leeds-Joizx BARNES. Liverpool, commission-agent. April 14, May 10: solicitors, Bagshaw and Sons, Mancheater; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool-HENRY MARTIN, Liverpool, currier. April 14. May 10: solicitor, Tyrer, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool-Jam= Loan COPELAND, Liverpool, merchant, April 16, May 6: solicitors, Lowndes and Co. Liverpool; official assignee, Bird, Liverpool-Roazicr Jonmsvoir, Macclesfield, silk-manufacturer, April 14, May 5: official assignee, Fraser, Manchester. Drvitowns.-April 20, Lamdin Newbury, upholsterer-April 20, Woodbridge, Mincing Lane colonial broker-April 26, Shuttleworth, Saffron Walden, iron- monger-April 23, Thompson, Belper. draper-April 23, Gladwin, Nottingham, draper-April 27, Cagle, Liniington, Somersetshire, miller-May 5, Fegan, Lincoln, draper.

CERTIFICATEL-lb be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-April 23, Debenham, Edwards Street, Portman Square, draper-April 21, Gosling, Woolnich, ironmonger-April 21, Woolf and Lyons, Cripplegate Buildings, umbrella-manufacturers-April 21, Rutty, Gerrard Street, draper-April 26, Amery, Chelmsford, hotelkeeper-May 5, Fegan, Lincoln, draper-April 22. Whitehouse. trader-April 22, Pound, Plymouth, builder-April 20, Bickerton, Liverpool. butcher -April 26, Hall. Cradley, Herefordshire, farmer-April 26, Myring, Walsall, bridle- cutter-April 22, James, Leeds, ironmonger-April 22, Shaw, Houses Hill, Hud- dersfield; and Garthwaite, Mold Green, Huddersfield, fancy manufacturers.

DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.-Watt, Southampton Street, Pentonville, baker; first div. of 6d. April 1, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-Edwards. Burstein, manufacturer of earthenware; third and final div. of 31d. any Thursday before the 30th of June next ; Whitmore. Birmingham -Leeming, Manchester, hosier; first div. of Is. na. any Tuesday ; Pat. Manchester-Brad- ford, Assembly Row, Mile End, victualler; first div. of 6s. ld. any Tuesday; Pen. sell, Guildhall Chambers-Baker, Cheltenham, boot-maker ; second div. of Is. any Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Tattersall, New North Road, Battle Bridge, brewer; second div. of Is. any Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Boyd, Spite' Square, silk-manufacturer ; first div. of 2a 2d. Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Woodbridge, Mincing Lane colonial broker ; first div. Of Is. Ild. Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Ab- church Lane.

SCOTCH SECIOESTRATIONS.-Nicoll, Dundee, iron-merchant, April 8, 29-Gibb, Greenock, merchant, April 3, 24-Thomson, Aberdeen, ironmonger, April 6, 27- Cameron. Croftintygan, Perthshire, farmer, April 2, 27-Jamieson, Torran, Argyll- shire, farmer, April 6, 23.

Friday, April 2.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Stotbert and Co. Bath, engineers; as far as regards Stpthert-Crew and Thorny, Dudley, victuallers-Findley and Co, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, brick-makers-Sager and Ward, Stonefold, Lancashire, cotton-spinners

- Walmaley and Co. Wem, Shropshire, mercers-Dixon and Bearden, Burnley, grocers- Hassicastle and Harrison, Aylesbury Street, cheesemongers-Woollerd and Forshaw, Birchin Lane, law-stationers-Bateman and ' Dickenson, Liverpool, iron- mongers-R. and W. Chantrey, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire. farmers-Haaluck, Bro- thers, Hatton Garden, goldsmiths ; as far as regards L. Hashick-Bettison and Co. Hull, brewers; as far as regards 8. Bettison-Holbrook and Co. Liverpool, mer- chants-Frost, Brothers, Old Broad Street-Greaves and Timmins, Birmingham, spectacle-makers-Fladgate and Co. Craven Street, attornies; as far as regards T. G. Fynmore-Walch and Brother. Manchester, coMmission-agents-Darlington and Everitt, Liverpool, wine-merchants-Neill and Co.' Leeds, paper-makers - Balmaiu and Canaan, Manchester, commission-agents-De Spurr and Co. Li- verpool, merchants-Glover and Hoare, Kentish Town. bricklayers-J. and T. Simpson, Everton, Lancashire, bakers-Spettigue and Farrance, Chancery Lane, booksellers-F. B. and J. Adams, St. John's Square, watch-manufacturers-A and H. Brown, Liverpool, slaters-Cryer and Edmondson, Bradford, Yorkshire, joiners -Ainsworth and Medcalf, Manchester, warehousemen-Ainsworth and Davis, Swin- ton, Lancashire, manufacturers of fancy drills-Meader and Co. Idol Lane, Little Tower Street, wine-merchants; as far as regards 14. Foster-Bredie and Co. !dor- peth, woollen-manufacturers; as far as regards W. Brodie-Youngman and Check- ley, Noble Street, Falcon Square, brace-manufacturers-Ainsbury and Clark, Sedg- ley, .Staffordshire, butty-mmers-Reily and Storer, Cary Lane, Goldsmith's Hall, eilversmiths--East Hetton Coal Company, Durham ; as far as regards T. Rawsthorne - South Baton Coal Company, Durham; as far as regards T. Rawsthorne-Green and Thompson, Union Wharf, Pimlico, coal-merchants-Toy and Bentley, Bir- mingham, stampers-Tredegar Boat Company. Newport ; as far as regards T. Johns - Orrell and Co. contractors.

SANSCROPTIL-HENST STINSON, St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire, boot-maker, to sur- render April IS, May 14: solicitor, Atkinson, Gresham Street; official assignee, Canaan, Aldermanbury-WILLIAM liEwirr, Great Driffield, Yorkshire, brewer, April 21, May 26: solicitor, Jarrett, Great Driffield ; official assignee, Carrick, Hull -Wituan HIGGINBOTHAM, Macclesfield, silk-manufacturer, April 22, May 7: soli- citors, Johnson and Co. Temple; Hitchcock and Co. Manchester ; Higginbotham, Macclesfield; official assignee, Lee, Manchester-Jsiezs Scorr M'Cottoen, Liver- pool, draper, April 16, May 6 : solicitors, Sole and Co. Aldermanbury; Dodge; Liver- pool; official assignee. Bird, Liverpool-JAMES HALL, Denton, Lancashire, hat- manufacturer, April 20, May 11 : solicitor, Boyle, Manchester; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester. DIVIDENDS.-April 23. Hamer, Blackfriars Road. linen-draper-April 27, Billings, Harlow, Essex, victualler-April 23, Marshall, Goswell Road, boot-dealer-April 23, Reeve, Newgate Street, woollen-draper-April 23, Silby, Poole, timber-merchant -April 23, Verbeke, Adam's Court, Old Broad Street. merchant-April 23, Sir F, C. Knon les, Queen Street, Mayfair, banker-April 23, Flaxman, Ludgate Street, tailor -April 24, Tipper, Maiden Lane, Cheapside, stationer-April 24, Barlow, Wharf Road, City Read, engineer-April 23, Pope, Cockspur Street, coal-merchant-April 24, Hunt, Edgeware Road, draper-April 23, Cook, Assembly Row, Mile End Road, builder-April 24, Bunyard. Mark Lane, seedsman-April 23, Gardener, Rayleigh; Essex, grocer- -April 24, Marshall, Southampton, coal-merchant-April 23. Bate, New Windsor, builder-May 7, Tborman, Newcastle-upou-Tyne, engine-builder- April 27, Sutcliffe, Warrington, cotton-manufacturer-April 23, Howard, Maccles- field, silk-manufacturer-April 24, Burgin, Sheffield, steel-manufacturer-April 27, Gray and Williams, Chester, engineers.

CERTIFICATES.- To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of snecting.-Aptil 23, Law, Harrow Road, hatter-April 24, fitulpnor and Lomor, Mark Lane, merchants-April 27, Cheetham and Gill, Stroud, shipwrights-April 23, Lough and Lewis, Great St. Helen's, drysalters-April 26, Powell. Kingston, draper -Slay 7, Tborman, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, engine-buhder-April 23, Taylor, Liver- pool, commission-agent-April 28, kfumford, Dittisham, Devonshire,

23, Lucas and Co. Manchester, calico-printers-April 23, Orford and Kirkham, Manchester, paper-hangers.

DECLARATIONS OF Divinesam-Lloyd,Goldhawk Terrace, Shepherd's Bush, builder; first dis. of 21d. April 8, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street - Woods, Bri,inghall Street, warehouseman ; first iliv. of 2s. 6d. April 8, and three subsequent Thuredays ; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-Goddard, Derby, brush- ananufaeturer ; -first div. of 5s. 64a. April 2, and two subsequent Fridays ; little- Stan, Nottingham -Chatterton jun. Derby, lead-merchant ; first div. of 4d. April 2, and two subsequent Fridays; Bittleston, Nottingham-Haywood, Birmingham, grocer; first div. of 7s. 6d. April G, 20, and two following alternate Tuesdays ; Fittleetou, Birmingham. Scorer( Szcomsras.nons.-M.Lennan and Son, Glasgow, dealers in whisky. Aprii 9, -Stewart, Glasgow, baker, April 7, May 5-Bell, Longforgan, Perthshire. farmer, April 9, 30-Buchanan and Son, Glasgow, builders, April 9, May 7 -Handl_ ton, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, toll-keeper, April 8, 29-Hamilton, New Monkland brewer, April 7, 28.