3 APRIL 1852, Page 6

• itt Court.

THE Queen held a Court, at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. The Count D./Ulnae, brother of the King of Naples, and the Countess D'Aquila, had audiense of her Majesty. The Queen held her first drawiligroom of this season on Thursday, at St. James's Palace. Before the drawingroom, she received in the Throne-room, according to yearly custom, a deputation from Christ's Hospital, including the forty boys of the Mathematical School founded by King Charles the Second; and having examined the charts and drawings, gave the usual grace of kindly commendation. The dmwingroom was attendel by the Duchess of Cambridge and the Princess Mary, the Duke of Ca In'iridge, the Count D'Aquila, Prince Nicholas of Nassau, and Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar.

Her Majesty visited the Duchess of Gloucester, at Glpucester House, on Tuesday.

The Duchess d'Orleans visited her Majesty on Saturday at Bucking- ham Palace.

Her Majesty gave dinner-perties on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Earl De Grey, Lord John and Lady John Manners, Lord Robert and Lady Hebert Grosvenor, Sir Henry and Lady Henry Bulwer, and Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone, M. Isturitz, the Marquis of Granby, the Earl and Countess of Granville, Lord Saltoun, and Mr. Christopher and Lady Mary Christopher, have been of the parties. The Queen and Prince Albert took the Princesses to the Zoological Gardens in the Regent's Park on Saturday, and on Wednesday.

The Royal Family has. received information of the death of the Queen- Dowager of Denmark ; and a court mourning is ordered—to begin to- morrow, to change on Sunday the 18th, and to end on Sunday the 25th.