3 APRIL 1920, Page 16

ght YOpertator


Including postage to any part of the Yearly.

United Kingdom .. £2 1 2 OVERSEAS POSTAGE. Including postage to any of the British Dominions and Colonies and India ; America, France, Italy, China, Japan, &c., &c. £2 3 6 Fill in the form below, and enclose it with a cheque for £2 Is. 2d., or if for abroad, £2 3s. ad., payable in advance, or order from your own Bookstall or News Igent.

To tho MANAGER, The " SPECTATOR," 1 Wellington Street, Strand, London, W.C. 2.

I enclose Cheque (or Postal Order) and should like tin " SPECTATOR " sent for ono year to


(Please state Title, or whether Mr., Mrs., or Miss.)