3 APRIL 1920, Page 23

Aymonoutss.—Selectione from A. C. Szoinburne. Edited by Edmund Goss°, C.B.,

and Thomas James Wise. (Heine- mann. 6s. net.)—Lovers of Swinburne will be grateful to Mr. Goss° arid Mr. Wise. Will some yet bolder anthologists some day cut even this modest volume in half, and print, say, alternate verses of " Faustine " or " Dolores " If they should, the younger generation will probably hail Swinburne as the greatest of poets.—A Miscellany of Poetry, 1919. Edited by William Kean Seymour. (Cecil Palmer and Hayward. 5s. net.)—A capital little selection of the beet modern poetry.

Fleur-de-Lys. By Wilfrid Thorley. (Heinemann. 6s. net.)— Translations from the French.—The Bellman Book of Verse. Chosen by William Edgar. (Minneapolis : The Bellman Co. $1.50.)—Songs of Joy : Ancient and Modern. Compiled by Grace Beckett. (H. Milford. 3s. (Id. net.)