3 APRIL 1920, Page 25

WORKS OF REFERENCE.—The Annual Register for 1919 (Longmans, 30s. net)

has appeared at an unusually early date, but it has been compiled with the accustomed care. As a record of one of the most critical years in modern history, the volume will be incessantly referred to, and, so far as we have tested it, the summary is accurate and lucid. The appendix of documents includes the Covenant, summaries of the German, Austrian, and Bulgarian Peace Treaties, and all the four diver- gent Reports submitted by the Coal Commission in June last.— The Anglo-American Year Book, 1920, edited by B. M. Gardner (Cross-Atlantic Newspaper Service, 10s. 6d. net), gives full particulars regarding British-American Societies and concerning the American colony in Great Britain. It is a useful and inter- esting book, and contains information that we should seek in vain elsewhere.