3 APRIL 1920, Page 3

Negotiations between the Miners' Federation and the Govern- ment were

continued last week, despite the efforts of the more violent delegates to precipitate a strike. On Thursday week the Prime Minister proposed an increase of 20 per cent. in wages, with a guaranteed minimum of Is. 6d. a day, so as to give the miners some incentive not to do less work for their higher pay. On the Friday the miners' delegates agreed on a vote, by about four to one, that they would continue to bargain with the Government on the basis of a percentage increase, which might encourage each miner to get a little more coal. On Monday the Prime Minister made a final offer of an increase of 20 per cent., with a guaranteed minimum of 2s. a day. The offer, it is stated, implied an addition of £36,500000 to the wages .bill of the industry, but it might perhaps increase the output of coal.