3 APRIL 1920, Page 3

The first two changes would bring non-provided elementary schools more

closely into line with the provided schools. We make no objection whatever to that, but the proposal to introduce denominational instruction into provided schools is quite another

matter. Just because we believe that the so-called "religious difficulty" is largely fictitious we are ready to admit that Mr. Fisher's proposal if worked in an ideal spirit need not cause any trouble. Nevertheless, judging from experience, we believe the ideal spirit would be absent and that the trouble would be great. The clamour about the "religious difficulty" would he revived. Whether the difficulty was real or not, every parent would be ardently invited to believe that it was real. Cowper- Templeism has earned much scoffing from those people who arc never satisfied with a good compromise ; but it has worked extraordinarily well for fifty years, and for our part we should be very sorry to see it disturlied.