3 APRIL 1920, Page 3

The speech which Mr. Fisher did not ‘deliver was supplied ,

to the papers on Monday. From it we learn that Mr. Fisher, though he avowedly speaks only for himself, has rather a startling proposal to make. He suggests a revision of the Education Act -of 1902 in three essential respects. First, he recommends that teachers in non-provided schools should be appointed by the Local Education Authority instead of, by the Board of Managers. Secondly, he recommends that non-pro- vided schools should be unreservedly available for educational purposes, and that authority should be given for the buildings

• to be structurally altered for that purpose. Thirdly, and this - is much the most important point, he would modify the Cowper. Temple system in provided schools by allowing denominational instruction to be given by teachers on the school staff, subject to the proviso that the teacher's prospects should be unaffected by his willingness or refusal to give such instruction.