3 APRIL 1920, Page 3

There was a lamentable scene at a meeting of Local

Educa- tional Authorities, managers, and teachers at the Kingsway Hall last Saturday, when Sir Cyril Cobb, Chairman of the Education Committee of the London County Council, was shouted down by angry teachers. The Bishop of London appealed, more or less in vain, for the restoration of order, and Mr. Fisher, President of the Board of Education, left the hall without delivering his speech. We may add here that the demonstrations were repeated when the County Council Hall was besieged by teachers on Tuesday. One's feelings are divided between indignation that the teachers should so far forget their responsible position and the example they owe to their pupils, and sympathy with the teachers because of the undoubted fact that they are underpaid. In a healthy and right-thinking community there is no profession that deserves more than the teaching profession high pay, a position of dignity, and the general respect of the public.